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eBulletin – Going Digital!

Our Sunday Service bulletin that normally gets handed out at the door is going digital. Let me take a moment to explain why and what this will mean.

Stay Informed Better

First off, this doesn’t mean that we will stop informing the body at Reverence of news and events, quite the opposite. Instead of waiting till the next Sunday to get your new paper printed bulletin you can simply check your phone or computer for the most current and updated church related information and can focus on the items or ministries that are specific to you.

Going Digital Has It’s Advantages

By having a digital bulletin we will cut the costs involved with the paper printed and folded bulletin. This includes the special paper used to print on, ink and toner for the full color printing, time and labor for printing and folding, and the time and labor for graphic optimization for a print document. These costs add up to thousands of dollars each year for the church. Also, going digital means going green. Whenever we can take a step in this direction it is good for our environment and our global carbon footprint.

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We Want Your Feedback

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