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Thursday Ministry

Today we had the opportunity to visit with a couple of awesome ministries. First, we spent the morning with our friends, Kelle and Andrei Andries, directors of Sufficient Bread Ministry here in Petrosani, Romania. The Lord has blessed tremendously the work being done here in the name of the Lord. They are working with the local church, street kids, orphans, and with the Betana Orphanage here in Petrosani.

We had the opportunity this evening to visit the Betana Orphanage. It was a blessed time for all of us to visit with the 26 children. We all played games together and had the opportunituy to break bread and have supper together. Following are some pictures of our visit. Joshua had an absolutely fabulous time and the kids were enamored with him and Jonathan. While the orphanage gets, from time-to-time, visiting teams from foreign countries, they generally are always adults and not children.

Ruth Armstong, Nicholas, Audi, Joshua Milligan, Kelle Andries, Anna

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Nicholas, Jasmine, Ruth Armstong, Rebekah Milligan

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Kelle Andries, Aleen, Joshua Milligan, Anna

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Dinner Time at Betania

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Almost Everybody!

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