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Last Day in Petrosani

Friday was our last day in Petrosani. We started out the day visiting with the Andries family to pray with them and encourage them in their ministry efforts. This was the primary point of our trip was to spend time with those in the field, encouraging and exhorting them with the Word and in prayer. Our brothers and sisters in Christ need the strength of the Lord to fulfill the work to which they have been called. God has also in His Word admonished us to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ (Ephesians 6:18, James 5:16). So we ask that as you read these blog entries, if the Lord puts on your heart to pray for the Andries family or the Hahne family, to please commit to do so. And if you desire to financially support them, you can contact us at the church.

Andrei and Kelle Andries

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Tasha Otsuji, Aryana and Kelle Andries

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The Lord has blessed Kelle and Andrei, through an stateside donor, with a large house in the midst of the city of Petrosani to convert to a Family Centre. The Family Centre will be used to house and minister to orphans and unwanted children of Petrosani. They hope to tak possession of the building in the very near future as the purchase transaction is completed.

Family Centre

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Later in the day we were able to visit with Kelley Stark, another missionary from Southern California. Kelley has taken in eleven children into her house over the past eight years. She has been able to officially adopt about five of them, is working through the process to adopt four to five more. By the time that process is completed, the older children who male up the remaining number, will be of age.

The Stark Family and the Team

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Amongst the children at Kelly’s house was an 8 year old boy named David Joshua. Joshua and David immediately struck up a friendship and were able to spend much time together throughout the day and evening.

David Joshua Stark and Joshua Milligan

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To end the day and our time of ministry in Petrosani, the local church had a pot-luck dinner to greet us (I guess church pot-lucks are a global church occasion). It is always a blessing to meet with believers in other parts of the world. More often than not, they minister to us (it would seem) more than we do to them. We were able to spend three days in Petrosani, and we wish it was longer. We pray that the Lord bless the believers here and that they are brought together in the unity of the Body of Christ.

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