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Ministering in Valcea

On Saturday morning we started the three hour trip from Petrosani to Valcea. If you’ve looked at the maps we posted here, you may be asking is it Vilcea or Valcea. Well we asked it many times, since we saw signs with it spelled two different ways. It seems that a few years ago the spelling was changed to Valcea, and thus our confusion.

Pastor Kevin has known Tim and Krista Hahne for about 20 years. Kevin and Time co-taught the youth ministry at a local Calvary Chapel for many years, before Tim was called to Romania and Kevin to Calvary Chapel Rancho Santa Margarita. Pastor Tim has served as the Senior Pastor of a local church here in Valcea. Tim’s and Krista’s son, Joey, serves as one of the assistant pastors.

Pastor Tim and Krista Hahne

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We were welcomed by the church at a pot-luck dinner Saturday night at the Hahne’s house. Christians and food, it seems they go together! Along with the food came a church table tennis tournament. It seems that they are aware of the competitive nature of our Senior Pastor. Two young ladies soundly beat the two teams of Kevin and Ovideu and Jim and Ovideu. Kevin and I would like to blame Ovideu, but we were just clearly outmatched. Luckily no one took pictures of the beating, so I don’t have to post them here!

Sunday was a full day, Sunday morning service with Pastor Tim, lunch with church leadership (that food thing again) and then Sunday evening service by Kevin.

Joey and his wife Mihaela (and daughter Katie) also operate Reverence Bible Church’s ministry house here in Valcea. The ministry house is located in the heart of Valcea. At first look it seems out of place. The surrounding area is comprised of large apartment houses and businesses. Here in the midst of them is a small house of less than 1000 square feet. Yet it is in a perfect place to perform outreach to the community in the name of Christ through evangelism to the lost and ministry to the believing Body of Christ. Our prayer and hope is to find the funds to enlarge the house so that ministry teams can be housed here on short-term mission trips, as well as to allow for additional types of ministry to be performed on the premises. There is room in the back lot to expand, so join us in prayer as we seek God for provisions if this be His will.

Joey, Mihaela and Katie.

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Tim, Katie and Kevin at the front gate.

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Ruth, Marios, Kevin and Joshua in the side/back yard.

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Much of our time in Valcea was spent minstering to the Hahne’s and other various church leaders. The mission field here is hard. The people here are brought up in the Orthodox Church from birth. They have a head knowledge of religious things, especially rituals of the Orthodox Church. But many lack a personal relationship with the Savior. We had the opportunity to spend some time street witnessing in the main park in downtown Valcea on Monday afternoon. We split up into teams of three or more, each with one local person to assist us in translating into the Romanian language. One woman that we met with, came that night to the Monday night service, taught by Jim on Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

We want to give thanks to Tim and Krista who opened their house to the Milligan troop for three days and to Joey and Mihaela for housing the Otsuji family. Here are some other pictures of our time in Valcea.

Tasha (and Jonathan) with a girl in the park to whom
Tasha witnessed the Gospel of Jesus.

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Assistant Pastor Ovdieu and wife Angie

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Pastor Joey and Mihaela ministering in worship
at the church.

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Well after three days here in Valcea it is time to leave. We experienced the love of the church here in Valcea, For Kevin, it was a reunion of old friends, for the rest of the team the making of new ones. They not only made us feel welcomed here in Romania, but shared the love of Christ with us. Now it is off to home with a short stop in London.

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