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On the Road Home-London

After nine days of traveling, we get a respite here in London. I have to say that I was looking forward to this stop. Back in 1998, on my first trip into Africa, the team (18 men from Calvary Chapel Rancho Santa Margarita) had an eight-hour layover at Gatwick Airport, some 30 miles outside of London. Our team leader, Pastor Gary Kusunoki, loaded us all on the Gatwick Express to London for one reason, to eat dinner at the Golden Dragon Restaurant. Kevin, Frank Rabinovitch, my partner in the ministry at Sowing Circle, and I were part of that team. And I can say that since that time, any time I have a layover here, we go to the Golden Dragon. Kevin and I have had Peking duck in China together, but without equivocation, we have voted the Golden Dragon’s Peking duck the world’s best! So if you are ever in London make your way to Chinatown to the Golden Dragon at 28-29 Gerrard Street.

This is Ruth’s first time in London, well actually this trip was her first time on an airplance. So we spent some time at a couple of tourist sites, while Kevin was preparing for Sunday’s message. It was a nice end to a fabulous trip. We pray that Christ was glorified throughout the trip.

Here are a few additional pictures of the team that wanted to post, but didn’t get in elsewhere.

Ruth with some kids at Betana Orphanage in Petrosani.

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Joshua and Andrei

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Joshua and Marios

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Tasha and Jonathan in Bucharest

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Joshua, Rebekah and Ruth in London (cold).

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Luggage for the Milligan’s and Ruth

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Peking Duck

Postscript: The duck was soooo goooood we had it for dinner right after landing in London on Tuesday night and then again for lunch on Thursday. It’s that food thing again!

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