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Morning and Evening: 01/05

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Good Morning!

This morning Charles has brought us to ponder one of the great contrasts found in scripture, the contrast of darkness and light. Throughout scripture we see this contrast used as a metaphor for good and evil, for righteousness and sin. This is displayed not only through physical light we see with our eyes but also, and more importantly, by the spiritual light we receive from the Holy Spirit.

As roaches and rats scurry at the flick of a light switch so too am I able to see clearly the filth of my own sin and pride under the penetrating light of His word, or as Spurgeon says “…we behold sin in its true colours…”. This revealing is a practice my own soul needs daily.

All the while knowing that if it were not for the Holy Spirit illuminating God’s words to my eyes I would look upon them as gibberish unable to decipher His truths, unable to be led. What a gift He gives us in the knowledge of His truths.

May His words ever be a lamp unto our feet and a light onto our path (Ps 119:105) and may we not forget that we were once lost in darkness but have now been brought out of that darkness and into His wonderful light and are now called to walk in that light. (1Pet 2:9; Eph 5:8-14)

Good Evening!

In keeping with a “light” theme C. H. Spurgeon closes our day with some meditations about the light that God has put into believers.

Like a seal of ownership God “…sees “light” in your heart, for He has put it there, and all the cloudiness and gloom of your soul cannot conceal your light from His gracious eye.”

This makes me have great thoughts about how Christ is the author and the finisher of my faith. (Heb 12:2) And though I may have times of despair and times of feeling far from God or a dryness in my spirit, He preserves the light that He had originally placed within me. Oh what great comfort that comes from knowing and trusting in an almighty God who is sovereignly in control of my salvation.

In closing I love the thought that Spurgeon ends with that “the light within is the dawn of the eternal day.” This really causes me to think eternally. Knowing that there will be a day when we will see His glory and there will be no need for a sun or a moon to shine for the glory of God will illuminate the city, and the lamb will be our light. (Rev 21:23)

May the Lord bless your evening and give you rest. God bless!

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