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Spurgeon Lawler Style! 01/09

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I have to say that this speaks to my heart so clearly! To ponder the thought that God would be ours has to be one of the most humbling and joyful thoughts we could have. It is not our choice to be God’s but His choice, of His own will, to be ours. The implications are unthinkable. Let us look to the Joy of God choosing to belong to us!

Duty vs. Delight! Such a Piper theme, did Spurgeon and Piper hang out?? I weep sometimes to think that God has chosen to belong to me, not only because I’m not worthy, which I’m not, but because He is so great and I have all that he is. When I ponder this thought I find myself serving Him and obeying Him out of Joy. This is not only a verse but a command from our Lord, Honor Him by showing the world how excited we are and Joyful we are to live for Him!


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