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Morning and Evening: 01/18

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“There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.” — Hebrews 4:9

What a sweet thought this is! There remains for us a perfect rest in Heaven that will be forever and even more than that our rest will be in the presence of our God. It is so refreshing to think upon these things now and let these thoughts sustain us through the toil and fight of this life.

Business and hard labor is something that most of us can at least understand and for the most part have as a regular part of our every day life. As I think upon this I can’t help but think what is it that makes us so busy. As Christians our life and toil and fight is to honor and glorify our mighty God and serve His people. I think that there are so many things that fill up our lives that have nothing to do with God’s glory or serving His people. I believe this verse is such a great call to us as Christians to let the rest that awaits us compel us to live as hard as we can to glorify God and serve His people.

Spurgeon is calling us to look this rest, enjoy it, live it, trust in God for it and depend upon Him to experience it in this life as we toil. As well as let this future rest be so adored in your hearts that is fuels you into deep passionate worship.

“He expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.” — Luke 24:27

This verse is such a great class on how to study God’s word. It all points to Christ and is for Christ and about Christ and revealed through Christ. What a great calling to remind us to have the right glasses on as we look into God’s word. It is not merely given to us to teach us how to be kind to others or give us a five step program to becoming wealthy but to teach us about our God and savior. How refreshing it is to know that the one great subject of the Bible is Christ and Him crucified.

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