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Morning and Evening: 01/20

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Many of us saw Mel Gibson’s movie depicting the crucifixion of Christ. Graphic movie but none the less powerful! I remember weeping as I witnessed the agony and suffering and reflected that it was my sin that sent Him to the cross. Without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sin. Leviticus 17:10 says “For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.”

Interesting how Spurgeon expressed this in his devotional long before movies came into being. “The good Shepherd layeth down His life for the sheep.” Let us weep over Him as we view Him slain by the hatred of mankind, staining the horns of His altar with His own blood”.

Further he says as a result we have peace with God. “The blood of Jesus hath a mighty tongue, and the import of its prevailing cry is not vengeance but mercy. It is precious beyond all preciousness to stand at the altar of our good Shepherd! To see Him bleeding there as the slaughtered priest, and then to hear His blood speaking peace to all His flock, peace in our conscience, peace between Jew and Gentile, peace between man and his offended Maker, peace all down the ages of eternity for blood-washed men. “

So precious is the flow, that makes me white as snow. No other fount I know, nothing but the blood of Jesus. Sins forgiven and peace with God! Amazing Grace!!!

In this post Christian, humanistic world we are constantly tempted by vanities and were it not for the Holy Spirit the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches would dominate. As Spurgeon says “unless we follow Christ and make our God the great object of life, we only differ in appearance from the most frivolous. It is clear that there is much need of the prayer, Give me life in your ways!”

The flesh can do nothing. I like Spurgeon’s description, “dull, heavy, all but dead”. “No mere consideration can quicken us to zeal, but God Himself must do it!” “Even our best motives cannot quicken us, apart from the Lord Himself”. Jesus says it clearly in John 15:5 – “Without Me you can do nothing”

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