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Morning and Evening 1/23

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Morning Devotion: “I have exalted one chosen out of the people.” – Psalm 89:19

Although the immediate context of Psalm 89:19 is King David, it is typically applied to the Messiah, and much of Psalm 89 is directly concerned with the Messiah (see Hebrews 1:5 for example). Spurgeon poses a question for us: Why was Christ chosen out of the people?

I tried to make my own answer before peeking at Spurgeon’s, just like the little kid at the grocery store that pushes his toy plastic shopping cart, selecting an item here or there, while his Mom or Dad does the ‘heavy lifting’ buying the week’s groceries.

My Brother – this one will take lots more meditating – I want to feel it in my heart not just my head. Matthew Henry echoes Spurgeon from Proverbs 18:

Christ is a friend to all believers that sticks closer than a brother; to him therefore let them show themselves friendly.

He is my perfect Brother, and I love Him.

More great encouragement from the master of simple Anglo-Saxon language:

Take courage! Royal feet have left a blood-red track upon the road, and consecrated the thorny path for ever.

The Christ is my anchor of hope, sure and stedfast [Hebrews 6:19], perfectly worthy of my devotion, my love, my worship, my service, my life.

Evening Devotion: “We will remember Thy love more than wine.” – Song of Songs 1:4

Here I can meditate not only on the scripture, and not only on Spurgeon’s exhortation, but I also started by re-reading Pastor Jim’s blog for January 1st, when Spurgeon first tackled this Scripture, focusing a bit earlier in the verse, on ‘rejoicing in the Lord’. (Yes, there is a Scripture Index to Spurgeon’s devotions on the Blue Letter Bible!)

I’m struggling to find anything to add to Spurgeon’s voice – could I ask you humbly to go back and re-read his sweet evening devotion?

I find myself in Spurgeon’s company, as he himself described his admiration for Sir Richard Baker’s commentaries on the Psalms:

We have often tried to quote from him and have found ourselves so embarrassed with riches that we have been inclined to copy the whole…


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