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Morning and Evening: February 7

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When we are preparing to head out for a vacation, it seems like the workload, the stress, and the weight of everything necessary to leave for a week or more can overwhelm us. The excitement of getting to our joyful destination causes us to endure to the end. This Morning and Evening is filled with such joyful anticipation of departing to be with the Lord. We are called to meditate on heaven, to contemplate eternity in the presence of Christ, and to forget the toil of our journey here on earth. I am excited to enter into the joy of the Lord! I look forward to eternity without sin, seeing God in all His glory, in joyful union with all of the saints.

We are also called to be equally well pleased to be here on earth as we are to anticipate eternity with Christ. God knows and determines the number of our days. May we give thanks for another day of serving Christ, preaching the gospel, bearing fruit for the sake of the glory of God. I pray that we all use our time here on earth to the glory of God and to our highest joy…in Him. This is the day that the Lord has made, I will be glad and rejoice in it!

Pastor Kevin Otsuji

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