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Morning and Evening: 02/9

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Good Morning –

This morning Spurgeon brings us to a picture of David resting in God’s direction for his life as if God were his compass. This could be a picture of us each morning, I say could because it is not always what we do. In fact I think it seems harder to each of us to trust in the providence of an all knowing God rather than “going with our gut” or making our own way apart from seeking His guidance in our lives. But like Spurgeon here, let me encourage you to realize what great a storehouse of rest and peace lies within the trusting upon an almighty and sovereign God. Some might think “well I do with the big stuff”. Truth is, when we learn to rely on Him with the small things also, we are able to enjoy further the riches of peace and joy in our lives amidst the smallest or largest decisions and trials.

We get some hints that Spurgeon might have been a sailor or has somehow come to a knowledge of maritime slang and vocabulary. Esteeming us to “Take God for thy compass” and to “put the tiller into the hand of the Almighty”. A tiller is a long wood stick that is connected to the rudder on a sailboat and steers a ship. So his metaphor here is pointing to us giving God the reins or the stirring wheel of the car and let him steer our lives. He adds emphasis by saying “through the dark billows…” There are no headlights on a sailboat. So at night with no moonlight is the hardest circumstances for navigating in the open seas. Though we are unable to see the path before us God knows the path we are on and the best route to take. Then he takes the thought even farther by saying “Many a rock might be escaped if we would let our father take the helm.” The helm makes reference to the cockpit and steerage of a ship. So Spurgeon is saying don’t just let God steer, get out of the drivers seat completely! This take faith.

If we have little faith or a small view of the ability of our God it would be very hard to let Him steer the ship in darkness, we would have little trust in His ability. This makes me think of Ephesians 3:20 “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.”

He is able beyond anything we may think. Trust him with your lives, give Him the helm though we may not be able to see where the ship is going, he knows the path and will navigate life’s course.

Good Evening –

We are so quick to think that we are strong enough to handle certain temptations in our lives thinking that it is only the sin itself that we need to avoid only. I love how Spurgeon directs our thoughts not so much at the sin but at the seriousness of the temptations in our lives which lead to sin. This makes me think of areas in my life where sin is able to creep in. Those open doors or unlatched gates are the temptations that I need to avoid.

Just as a recovered alcoholic doesn’t make good practice of entering a bar so should we know the areas of sin that we deal with that we should walk in a way as to avoid such temptations that can result in the sins we struggle with.

Yet without His strength and the guidance of the Holy Spirit who lives in us, we would be unable to avoid temptations or sin at all. Therefore Spurgeon directs us to our knees to pray that we might not be tempted for “prevention is better than a cure…”.

May our eyes be so fixed upon Him that they would not wonder and be led astray by the temptations in this life.

jeff paisano


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