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February 17

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In this Morning and Evening we are reminded of the joy of living before God. God always sees us and He is always there, in our presence. We never are alone; we don’t ever have to rely on our own power; we can never be separated from His love; we are always in His presence. In the popular movie “Cast Away”, Tom Hanks plays a role where he is all alone on an island. He creates a make-believe friend, “Wilson”, from a volleyball he finds. As I watched that movie, I was so thankful for God’s redeeming love and the fact that I would never be in such a pathetic state where I was all alone. I would always be with Christ. I could always pray and know that I was in the presence of God. We know that God always sees our every situation, and He is sovereign over our every move. If I were a cast away on a deserted island, I would know that Christ was with me. I would know that a good and gracious God could hear my every word and know my every thought. I would be certain that I was there for my own good and for God’s glory according to His sovereign purposes.

How much more comforting is it to know that we are always in His presence today? We live in fellowship with Almighty God. I pray that we would constantly be acknowledging His presence and thankful for the sweet joy of living before the face of God. Rest in His presence…Our God is there and He sees! Pastor Kevin

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