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Morning and Evening February 26th

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I have enjoyed this day’s devotion more than all others in Morning and Evening. This is what it is to be Christ-Centered. I pray that we would learn to talk like this…to even pray like this! My entire salvation is of the Lord. From beginning to end…He is the Cause…He is the Source…He is the Initiator…He is the Sustainer…He is our Redeemer…He is our Preserver…He is our Finisher! He makes me want to pray…He makes me know grace…He makes me desire His Word…He is the source of all my goodness…He weans me from the world…He enables me to fight the enemy! The God-Centered man views His salvation and gives all the glory to God. The God-Centered man trusts God for every aspect of life. And the God-Centered man depends fully upon God for every detail of Christian living. May we be God-Centered!

It is impossible for us to be truly God-Centered, if we fail to understand our own inability. May we recognize that we have no righteousness of our own…that we may plead to be clothed with the robes of righteousness that Christ has freely given to us. A true understanding of my own inability, my own depravity (an understanding that comes from God alone), this is the source of passionate praises for God’s grace! As I think of my utter inability to have a righteousness of my own, it is for that reason, that I love resting in a God-Centered life and salvation! I am thankful for today’s devotion! Pastor Kevin


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