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Morning and Evening 02/27

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Good Morning

What a great promise we have in our unchanging God. That he is the same from eternity past to eternity future. We have nothing to compare this to for our minds eye as everything we have in life will change and wither over time. But not is so with our God. Though our busy, ever changing, Kaleidoscope lives leave us in times of distress and in times of delight our God is constant and never moved from His foundation of righteousness and justice. Like Spurgeons example of the Israelites in the desert,

“Yet, though we are always changing, Lord, thou has been our dwelling-place throughout all generations.”

This great truth is applied to all aspects of our relationship with our God. His love for us, His grace, His mercy, His salvation. Though we are a wavering and unfaithful people we have a covenant with an unchangeable ever faithful God. Rather I should say He has made a covenant with us his fallible people.

In pondering His changeless love, I love how Spurgeon closes the day with these great thoughts about our eternal security in Him:

“…has He been so long about thy salvation, and will not He accomplish it? Has he from everlasting been going forth to save me, and will He lose me now? What! has He carried me in His hand , as His precious jewel, and will He now let me slip from between His fingers? Did He choose me before the mountains were brought forth, or the channels of the deep were digged, and will He reject me now?”


Let us rejoice this day knowing that we are His everlasting, and may everlasting love be the pillow for our heads this night.

jeff paisano

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