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Morning and Evening 02/28

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Morning:“My expectation is from Him.” – Psalm 62:5

Evening:“The barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail, according to the word of the Lord, which He spake by Elijah.” – 1 Kings 17:16

From Colorado: My head is pounding – high altitude? My sweet wife is asleep, and I’m not long behind her! Yet I am so grateful that it is my turn to write in the Morning and Evening Blog. It’s been a long travel day, and it’s the first moment I’ve spent in the word.

God is so good to woo me to His word tonight, and remind me of His goodness, and His provision. Lately I’ve been reflecting on His kindness in my life. It is always there, but of late I’ve really been feeling it in an overwhelming way. I see His loving hand in my life, both in easy times, and while in the winepress or on the threshing floor. Most of all in my every-good-gift-is-from-above wife Karen, as we are about to celebrate seven years that have raced past.

My expectation is from Him.

It is a delight to be at rest in Him. I’m not always there, but by His grace I always return to His rest. When our hope is in Him, we can rest in Him, confident not in the outcome, but in the Provider, El Shaddai. We can meditate on His promises, and let them nurse us to health. And He who promises is faithful.


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