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Morning and Evening 3/4

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“My grace is sufficient for thee.” — 2 Corinthians 12:9

I love reading these words on a daily basis. As sinners, we are in need of one thing and one thing only, God’s grace. It is the grace of God that is our hope and joy in all things. This verse speaks of the scope of God’s grace. It is perfect for all things and all situations. No matter what we are going through or what sins we have committed, God tells us that His grace is able to cover it all and get us through any situation.

This verse implies depending on God. There are many times in out life when we are not living like His grace is enough. We look defeated and feel forgotten. It is not that His grace has failed, but that we have stopped looking to Him and the grace that He promises. and even still His grace is holding us up. Trust this verse and depending on Christ for all things and in all situations. He will provide grace as you need that will be more than sufficient.

“They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of Thy house.” — Psalm 36:8

Abundant satisfaction is my experience with the grace of God! When I look to His word and come for grace and the goodness of God to satisfy my soul, I have never been wanting! As christians, we just need to go and feed and fill as often as we can. He will never run out and we will never leave unsatisfied.

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