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Reading through the Epistles!

I thought I would post something a little different for this morning! Last night for the college group we simply read through the epistle of Paul to the Phillipians. It was such a blessing just to read through God’s word and let the spirit just have His way through the word of God. Not that it was not planned or deliberate, but that there is power in reading the word of God as a body. I am posting this because it is so important to have the simple and powerful word of God be the focus of all of our study. So often we get too caught up in great writers and systems of theology, of which I love systematic theology, and forget to just read the word of God.

Tonight was better than planned! As we read through the epistle we caught a glimpse of the heart of God for His church and Got a great vision for God’s all sufficient power. Paul says to love is Christ and to die is gain! For this to be true in our hearts we must believe that God is able to provide all that we need and be everything for us that we could ever want or hope for. I pray that our church would be like Paul in this and see Christ as sufficient for all things, and all situations. The reason that Paul could be poor and naked and hungry and dying for the sake of the Gospel was that He knew Christ would supply him all things in all situations.

All this to say, read the word of God often and be consumed by it. Let it be all you need in a world of pain and disappointment. Let the word of God be your vision of who God is so that we can suffer the loss of all things for the sake of the Gospel and have the righteousness of God be everything to us.

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