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Morning and Evening 3/13

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“Why sit we here until we die?” — 2 Kings 7:3

First, praise God for our salvation!!!!! And praise God that he was the one that got us off of the couch of depravity and brought us into his light. This should also cause our hearts to yearn for those who still sit until they die and never care. We would be the same had not some one come to us and tell us of God’s great mercy and grace. Let us be a people in love with telling others about the grace that we have received and how they too can receive it.

“Then he put forth his hand, and took her, and pulled her in unto him into the ark.” — Genesis 8:9

What an awesome picture of the salvation of God. If God had not pulled us into the ark of His love we would be lost forever. I am so excited when I think of the way that God’s saves us. We are deserving of nothing and yet He loves us so that He pulls us into the ark of His grace and saves us from the pit of Hell. Take joy this day that God saves the lost and pray that He will give you and I the hearts to preach for those that have yet to see His goodness and grace!

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