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Morning and Evening March 16th

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We are comforted by knowing that God is fully present with us at all times. Not only is He present with us, but we have His loving, Fatherly attention. When we feel as if we are strangers in this land, we are comforted with the assurance that we are not alone. The Holy Spirit is with us to encourage us, comfort us, and guide us in all circumstances. While traveling to Southern Sudan over the last few weeks, and being away from my wife and little boy, I constantly placed my hope in God’s sovereign presence. While aboard a tiny bush plane heading towards a land of uncertainty, I was thankful to know that God was with me and in control of my every situation.

I am also thankful that my ever present Lord can keep me from sin. I know that I am prone to wander and prone to leave the God I love. I am thankful that He can bind my wandering heart to Himself. I pray that He would keep me from sin. That He would give me the strength to overcome temptation. If we attempt to fight sin without using the gift of prayer and the spiritual armor He provides…defeat is certain. Depend on God today to keep you from sin! God Bless, Pastor Kevin

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