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Morning & Evening 03/17

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Good Morning!

What a thought. Where is your heart this morning towards reaching out to those in need? When you pass by a person in need do you continue as if to not make eye contact? Do you wear your sunglasses so that you may examine their state while not addressing them with your head? Would you rather not deal with the smell, or with the foul breath, or with the whole situation? It is easy to continue as if God had not brought this into your sight. But He did.
We so quickly forget that our condition before our righteous God was one that stink’ith of death and that we had an eternal need for help, when Christ came to our need. May we not get so comfortable in our luxury vehicles with toll road transponders that we cannot reach out with the same warm hearts as the one that reached out to ours. Physically, we may never be able to relate, and pray we don’t. But spiritually, we were born homeless.

I will leave a question – What are some ways we may respond or you may have responded to a person in need on a street corner, at a gas station, or in your community? Is money the only currency?

Good Evening! (click here for this evenings devotion)

Few moments are greater in my life than when my soul is at peace.
I’m reminded this evening what an amazing gift from God peace is. What would my life be like if it were not hedged about with God’s peace in the world. It is the very peace of God that allows me to have fellowship with my wife and coworkers, friends and family. Without God’s peace in the world all would seek their own and there would be no moral reasoning for being kind or gentle to one another.
We enjoy the peace of God each morning we wake up and there is not war at our window. And spiritually there was a greater war between our soul and God that was silenced by the Prince of Peace – Jesus Christ who has reconciled us to God. No longer are our souls at enmity with God because of unrighteousness. Now there is peace, and Christ has called us to now become peacemakers. So, rejoice with me this evening Christian, in the peace that surpasses all understanding.

But still I leave you with a question: How? How are we to be peacemakers? Is it in our speech, our words, our outlook on life, our facial expressions?

May you sleep in heavenly peace this night.

-jeff paisano

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