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Morning and Evening: 3/20

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Oh the irony that I would pull the devotional about spousal love and husbands loving their wife! I usually shy away from speaking authoritatively on the topic of marriage for obvious reasons. But I just recently attended the Shepherd’s Conference and learned about preaching the Word with authority. In fact, as a side note: if you have any desire to preach, listen to Al Mohler or Steve Lawson from this year’s conference. OK, enough blog filling… 
I’ve been thinking about how Jesus could teach on marriage. Or Paul for that matter. How great is it that Jesus never married but rather dedicated himself to his church? Not that he thought about it and then decided that he would pass on the ladies of his day because he thought we all would be a better choice. I know, I know, He’s God and it feels weird to even think about Jesus within the context of marriage. My point is that there is no one else better suited to teach his people on marriage than our unmarried Lord. There are none that fully comprehend self-sacrifice in any context than Jesus who willingly laid down his life for his bride, the church, who despised him. It then follows that there should be no wife who better responds to her bridegroom than the church.

As a husband, the Christian is to look upon the portrait of Christ Jesus, and he is to paint according to that copy. (Evening)

What an incredible exhortation Spurgeon gives us (for me one day hopefully too) men from the teaching of yet another unmarried man. By the example of Christ and the ability of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God, love your wife with a constant, enduring and delighted love toward her, imitating our Lord. And to me and the rest of those who are single: love your God in like manner. 

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