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Morning and Evening: 3/23

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Can we fathom how intense the wrestling must have been through which our Lord passed in the garden as He contemplated what He must do to fulfill His mission? Luke, a physician, records the result of His intense contemplation of the events to come. Hematidrosis (sweating blood) though rare, occurs in humans. The excretion of blood or blood pigment from tiny capillaries that rupture occurs at times of great emotional stress. Acute fear and intense mental contemplation are thought to bring it about. The skin, as a result becomes more fragile which would make the Lord’s subsequent physical punishment even more painful.

We can’t imagine the intensity of His agony. He would be separated from His Father; bear the weight of sin, past, present and future and endure the physical agony of scourging and crucifixion.

Why? Because He loved us from the foundations of the world. This brings to mind the song we often sing with the lyrics, “I can’t comprehend this fathomless love for me!” For the joy that was set before Him, He endured! Thank God He prevailed! You and I have never gone through anything of this magnitude. As I think about it, I am humbled and so grateful that like Mary Magdalene, I want to wash His feet with my tears.


Spurgeon is such a great writer! Consider the metaphors in tonight’s devotion. May we break forth in sacred song and bless the majesty of the Most High, our maker, our breaker, our builder who has put us in our place in the temple of the living God. “The broken stones of the law cry out against us, but Christ Himself, who rolled away the stone of the tomb, speaks for us.” The stone that the builders rejected is the cornerstone of an everlasting temple. As Kevin taught Sunday morning our sole purpose is to glorify and enjoy Him forever. Let us worship and adore the Shepherd and Stone of Israel with reverence and awe!

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