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Morning and Evening March 26th

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Christ has secured our immunity! He has made it so that we can be free in Christ…truly setting the captives free. As we realize our previous condition of eternal bondage, we are brought to a place of worship in that we have been set free! We are set free to have peace with God, justice demands no more requirements of us, we are free in that the guilt of our sin can no longer be brought before us. In this we give thanks!

When I think of the most notorious criminal, and the sentence he deserves, it is sobering to think that I am just as vile in the sight of God prior to my sin and guilt placed upon Christ on the cross. I now have a freedom that releases me from all my bondage. May we rejoice in our freedom today!

As I identify myself in His death, I must also identify myself in His glorious resurrection. I am His Bride, brought near to Him and will be with Him for all eternity. How can we attempt to be distant to a Bridegroom who has secured our eternal rest and fellowship with Him. I pray that today, we would all find ourselves in close communion with our Lord who has secured our freedom and guaranteed our eternal glory. Our Lord has given us this glorious position today, may we find ourselves in joy in His presence today as His redeemed Bride!

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