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Morning and Evening: 04/06

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Tonight at College Ministry we were discussing the Christian’s daily pursuit of godliness in a practical sense. This inherent call upon the believing heart shows the world that the regenerate conversion was genuine. We will fail from time to time in our desire to honor God and live godly in Christ Jesus but when we do will be lifted up by the grace of justification. In the morning devotion, Spurgeon ponders our call to go outside of the camp and suffer persecution for the sake of our Lord. The godly pursuit of godliness in a practical sense will lead us straight into the waiting arms of those who despise righteousness. When that happens, we can say with James, “I am showing you my faith by my works.” (James 2:18)
This week as you remember Christ our Lord in his final week of earthly ministry, cherish the cross. Meditate on the implications of Christ’s suffering beyond the gate. Thank him for the atonement, which is the purpose behind our Easter celebration on Sunday morning. Then think about what might come the moment the world (your world) knows that you are pursuing a Christ-like life. Do not compartmentalize your Christian life versus your business or extra-curricular life. You are the Lord’s, you belong to him. If you must go beyond the gate to suffer for Christ’s sake then know that you’re probably living godly in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 3:12)!

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