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Morning and Evening April 8

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There is a great contrast between this Morning’s devotion and this Evening’s devotion. There is a great contrast between the regenerated believer and the sinner who is dead in their sins. The future for the child of God is filled with joy, peace, everlasting life, and unconditional love. For the unbeliever, there weeping and gnashing of teeth, death and separation, and the fierceness of the wrath of Almighty God. The separation of Christ from His Father on the cross, and anguish as Christ became sin for us, is the reality of the fierceness of the wrath of Almighty God. To the unbeliever, God will not hold back in His judgement. There will never be a moment of joy for the one separated from God’s glory. Conversely, there will never be one moment of despair or sadness once we enter into the joy of the Lord. Join with me in praising God for the abounding grace that is poured on our depraved souls. We know what God declares regarding the depths of our sin…and we know that God has graced His people with all righteousness. My prayer is that we would find ourselves brought to a place of worship as we meditate on the judgement we deserved and the grace we have received. May we never stop thinking of the depths of our own sin and the endless extent of God’s grace on His people who have been made alive through the glorious gospel. Have a wonderful day meditating upon your position in Christ, Pastor Kevin

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