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Morning and Evening April 15

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That moment upon the cross, when we hear Christ’s words, “My God, my God, why has thou forsaken Me?”, we are brought to a place of seeing the magnitude of our sins placed upon Christ on the cross. The wrath of God placed on Christ insures that the child of God, through faith in Christ, will never have to experience the condemnation that we deserved. As we picture Christ on the cross, and hear His words as He was crucified, I pray that we would be brought to a place of thanksgiving and worship. Christ, the sinless one, became sin for us! May this bring us to worship this morning.

For our evening devotion, our text states, “Lift them up forever” (Psalm 28:9). Our Lord lifts us up from every circumstance. He is there to carry us as we depend on Him in every trial. Not only did Christ take the wrath we deserved upon Himself, he also carries our every concern and hardship for us in this life. Call out to the Lord on this day to lift you up. We are encouraged that He lifts us up forever. For as long as we live He delights in doing good to us! Depend on Christ today to lift you up!

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