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Morning and Evening: 4/22

Jesus, Crown Him King

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I was struck in the morning devotional by how Spurgeon described the Church, as both a queen and as kings.

…on His right hand there must be His queen, arrayed in ‘gold of Ophir’…for He has ‘made us kings and priests unto God…’

I liked the analogy to the queen, since the queen is one by marriage. For a queen by marriage should boast of nothing other than her husband, the true King. For without her King, she would:

  • Have no crown other than the crown He has given to her. (Jam 1:12)
  • Have no royal wealth other than the wealth He has provided to her. (1Sa 2:8)
  • Have no throne other than the one next to His royal throne. (Rev 4:4)
  • Have no heavenly mansion other than the one He shares with her. (Jhn 14:2)
  • Have no place in the King’s city, other than the price He paid for her. (Rev 21:27 )
  • Have no holiness unless He sets her apart. (2 Cor 5:21)
  • Have no life other than the life He gives to her. (Jhn 10:10)

Surely this list is not exhaustive! Please share others that come to your mind.

Praise Him for all He has given to us, and will give to us in the eternal future.

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