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Morning & Evening 04/24

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Good Morning and Evening

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Praise the Lord for being a refuge, a fortress, and our mighty King who has overcome sin and death for us. I rejoice this morning and today for the extent at which he has dealt with my sinful state and sealed, and secured myself in him.

I have as many of us have had time of realizing my wondering from him and upon return to his feet am brought low in heart and humbled by his majesty and cry out to him with a prayer that begs he forgive me once again and wash me clean again from my sin and restore me to himself. In that moment I am overcome with a renewed thanksgiving that these things I am requesting at his feet he has already accomplished upon my behalf.

In answer to my plea for a cleansing it is as if His answer to me would be “I already have.” At which point my heart sinks deeper in love with him for his compassion and renewed understanding of the depths and riches fond only in His love for me a sinner.

Few are sweeter than the times of renewal with our Almighty King. I think of times when my wife and I have quarrelled and had a time of enmity between us causing us to fall out of fellowship with one another and well just down right fight about things. There are few times sweeter in our relationship than those times when we come back together humbled by our stupidity and restore our relationship and love toward each other. These times bring such a closeness and sober heartfelt love for one another that I come close to saying we should fight just so we can make up.

Much is the same as when I am restored to my King. Rich is his grace and mercy toward me and ever flowing his love as he fills my heart with joy inexpressible making his grace irresistible to me. And in that moment of renewal I am met with the sweet reality that he held me in his hand the whole time.

May we rejoice this day having been giving the knowledge of our mighty Kings hand, from which none may be snatched.

-jeff and angela paisano

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