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Morning and Evening: 5/01

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Well I am not sure why I keep getting the Song of Solomon devotions in Morning and Evening. The reason it makes me a little wary is that I have often heard a lot of commentary on the book that I am not quite so comfortable with. I leave some of the more controversial ones for maybe a later discussion. But today’s devotional brings up one that is also interesting.

The Rose of Sharon is a name given by the “church” to Jesus. Song of Solomon 2:1 is the ONLY place in the Bible where this phrase is used. And what is really interesting to me is that in the context of Song of Solomon, the name is referring to the woman, not the man. So how does it get applied to Jesus? I would understand that it was applied to the Church, the Bride of Christ (Revelation 21:9).

I have read commentaries that say it was a beautiful flower and therefore it represents the beauty of Christ. I feel that’s a forced representation. There are many beautiful things in the world that we do not apply the name to our LORD.

Note that nowhere in Scripture is the Rose of Sharon referring to Christ. So does anyone have any thoughts on this?

But I am thankful that we do have a LORD that is magnificent. He is majestic. He is compassionate. Otherwise, how could sinful humans be made into the virgin Bride of Christ. Only by His work, only by His grace, only for His purposes.

For this I am thankful!

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