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Morning and Evening May 2nd

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Spurgeon begins by saying, “It is a sweet and blessed event which will occur to all believers in God’s own time–the going home to be with Jesus.” “The sweet and blessed event!” Only the Christian, who has the blessed hope of Jesus Christ can say such a thing about death. In God’s perfect timing (not a minute too late, or a moment too soon), we will see the face of Christ. Over 100 years ago, the Lord took Charles Spurgeon, and eventually all in his audience who had faith in Christ, home to spend eternity in the joy of the Lord.

Christ does not pray for us to immediately be with Him in heaven, but in God’s perfect timing, when God’s calling on our lives here on earth is complete, at that moment, the Lord will take us home. When we long to be at rest in heaven, it is a joy to know that we can rest in His perfect timing for our departure. When we fear the day of our departure getting nearer, we can rest that God will not take us a moment too soon. The Lord knows the number of our days!

This morning at the Reverence Bible Church Men’s Fellowship, we studied the life of our father of faith, Abraham. It was the faith of Abraham that made him righteous. Pastor Bill Acton made a wonderful comment this morning saying, “It is not the measure of our faith that determines our salvation, it is the object of our faith that matters.” The object of our faith is Christ…and He is sufficient for all our needs. He is all powerful…and perfectly good. The object of our faith can be trusted. Therefore, with reference to our evening devotion, we can praise God that we die with the object of our faith being Christ Jesus our Lord.

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