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Morning and Evening 05/10

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So much is tied to the bodily resurrection of Christ, in fact as Paul points out “if Christ did not rise from the grave then our preaching and faith is in vain and we are miserable souls”. The resurrection validates His Divinity, His Sovereignty, our justification, our regeneration, and our ultimate resurrection. Christ alone! I wasn’t there but the Holy Spirit bears witness with my spirit that what is revealed in His Word is true. I can’t prove it but I believe it! He is risen!

Tonight we get a glimpse of the relationship Spurgeon had with God and a challenge to us of what is possible when we embrace the only Son of the Father full of grace and truth. I can only agree with Spurgeon, “He had done for me what only God could do.” Subdued my stubborn will, melted my rebellious heart, turned my mourning to laughter, set me free, and made my heart rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

His grace and truth challenge me constantly. I am wretched, I know it! My heart is deceitful and desperately wicked and I can’t know it. I have sinned and fallen short of His glory. Even my self righteousness is as “filthy rags”. Yet He won’t leave me or forsake me! He continues to pour out His love, grace and mercy and assures me that I am justified by faith! Without Him, I can do nothing. My soul tonight sings, wonderful grace that gives what I don’t deserve, gives me what Christ deserves, let’s me go free. And all that I am I lay at the feet of the wonderful Savior who loves me!” I love you Lord!!!!

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