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Morning and Evening 5/9

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“Who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings.” — Ephesians 1:3

I have to say that we do not even fathom the greatness of this statement and will forever be in awe of its consequences for all eternity. A statement like this should bring us to the highest place of thanksgiving and praise. The first word “all” means that we have everything that christ has, is and was for us as we look to Him and trust in Him for salvation. It is hard for me to separate this statement from the fact that we have been made sons of God. 1 John 3:1. It is because of this sonship that we have all the blessings that we could ever imagine in Christ. Perfect obedience and the consequences of that obedience, forgiveness, righteousness, Communion, Fellowship, everlasting love, the right to be heirs of God, love, joy, peace, hope and I could go on for a whole page but we have the blessing to live with the eternal God in joy for all of eternity. I believe that greatest blessing of all is that we have communion with God. I say greatest in that all the other blessing have brought about the fact that we commune with the living eternal God and have access with boldness to Him through Christ. Commune with Him! Enjoy this and and take time each day to be happy in God and enjoy his presence and working in our lives.

“Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the field . . . let us see if the vine flourish.” — Song 7:11,12

I have to say that as I read this devotion from Spurgeon, I had a hard time linking the two together. The point he was making is that as we labor for Christ we are to be very guarded about not doing it apart from close communion with Christ. I agree with that whole heartedly but still had a tough time to make this connection. If you have any thoughts please help me out. With that said, I do see such a tendency to work hard for Christ without actually working with Christ. If we are doing anything apart from close communion with Him in all that we do we will be fruitless. I think that the most important task for us everyday is to commune and fellowship with God personally and let that communion give us direction for what we are doing for Him. First, spend time with God, relish in the Gospel, depend on Him and when that is taking place you will find yourself joyfully bearing fruit with God. Go into the field with Jesus!

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