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Morning and Evening May 12

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In this morning’s devotion, we see that the Lord at times manifests Himself to us, believers, in such a way that we find ourselves in a place of humility and in a state of joy. I do not believe that we as believers should be looking for visible manifestations of Christ to us, but rather, earnestly desiring to find ourselves basking in sweet communion with Him. We are never to look for new revelation, but recognize that God joyfully meets us and speaks to us through the confirming perfect revelation of His Word. God’s Word is complete. And God can use circumstances, the Body of Christ, and the perfect and complete revelation of His word to bring us into a place of sweet and intimate communion with Him.

As we look to this evenings devotion, I am so thankful to know that God is always with me, leading and guiding me in every area of my life. There are times when the Lord calls us to a place, a particular ministry, or to a work that seems so great that we feel totally insufficient for such a calling. For me, whether it be serving as a husband, a father, a minister, or a friend, I know that I am unable to do any of it except by the grace of God. Be encouraged, as I am in the midst of difficult and stressful times, God’s calling is His enabling.

Pastor Kevin Otsuji

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