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Morning and Evening: 05/16

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I love one of Spurgeon’s statements in this morning’s devotion, “As the King can never die, so His grace can never fail.” My heart rejoices this morning in the God of my salvation… the God of sovereign, eternal grace. His mercies are new this morning and I am in awe of His ways.

How can I better praise Him? He is worthy of ceaseless praise and gratitude for the incredible things He has done!

How shall my soul extol Him who daily loadeth us with benefits, and who crowneth us with loving-kindness? O that my praise could be as ceaseless as His bounty!

We are reminded this evening of our Lord’s sovereign control over our lives.

The Lord has His own sovereign modes of action: He is not tied to manner and time as we are, but doeth as He pleases among the sons of men. It is ours thankfully to receive from Him, and not to dictate to Him.

Christ not only provides for us… he does it abundantly. We plead to Him and He answers as He sees fit… according to the counsel of His own will. But one thing is sure… our God does not hold back from blessing His children!

We must also notice the remarkable abundance of the supply —there was enough for the need of all. And so it is in the gospel blessing; all the wants of the congregation and of the entire church shall be met by the divine power in answer to prayer; and above all this, victory shall be speedily given to the armies of the Lord.

So as Spurgeon exhorts us… let us be ready to receive the blessing that God is so willing to bestow.

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