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Morning and Evening 5.18

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I hope and pray that everyone had a great weekend. Cindy and I missed all of you yesterday at the All Church Meeting. We pray that it went well and can’t wait to hear about the fruit that God has blessed all of us with.

I am encouraged by our devotion today, especially this evening’s devotion. A very short and simple word, “Afterward”- Hebrews 12:11. Simple, but to Christians we can rejoice in it, for God has given us so much to look forward to after our life here on Earth.

I think it is important to look at this passage during all trying times, whether it is a great challenge, or we are struggling with our sins, or we are suffering alongside one of our Christian family members. No matter what it may be, there is something that God has prepared for us Afterward. After the pain, the tears, the sweat, the battle, God has given us victory in the end.

Think of the last time you went through something so difficult that you thought nothing good would come out of it, or you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, or wondered why God was putting you through this. And after it was over, what did you think? Did you rejoice in what God did through it all? Was the end result Afterward victorious?

Spurgeon puts it well in the last part of this devotion. Who would not bear the present cross for the crown which cometh afterward? Who would not be a Christian if they only knew the joys that it would bring? We can rest in these promises of our King, and the best has yet to come.

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