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Morning and Evening 05/20/09

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“Steadfast Love”, how can it be that God would go to such great lengths to demonstrate His Love for us? Our Lord and Master lavishes us with gifts! Listen to the prose of the Prince of Preachers: “The golden coins of His grace”; “with smiles He speaks”; “what embraces of affection”; “He gives generally without holding back”; “no hint that we are bothersome to Him”; “He rejoices in His mercy”; “He is pouring out His life for us”. “Taste and know the blessedness of it all”.

In a fallen world it is easy to fall prey to the whiles of the devil, the corruptness of this fallen world, or the selfishness of the flesh and feel guilty and condemned. It doesn’t matter how we feel, He still loves us! Is it possible to understand the height, depth, width, breadth and magnitude of this love? It melts a stony heart and sets the captive free. I need more and more of this blessed assurance! I’m hungry for it and incredibly thankful for it!

This evening’s devotion continues the themes expressed in the morning devotion. God’s Love “leads us to exercise a more simple faith but we have not learned to trust like Abraham”. Abraham simply believed God! Why is it so hard for us?

The beauty of this relationship is that God isn’t fickle like us, He persists in His purpose to conform us to His Son. His purposes will never be disappointed! We choose moment by moment how we will respond to His Love and as a consequence enjoy the sweet communion of fellowship with the Almighty or His loving correction if we choose to resist His amazing grace. Reflecting on this reality I see the futility of resisting grace. God is Sovereign and His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Surrender is the only logical choice. I wonder if the songwriter who wrote the lyrics “I surrender all, I surrender all, all to Jesus I surrender, I surrender all” came to the same conclusion? May we look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith and trust Him to complete in us the work He began the hour we first believed! Thank you Jesus!

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