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Contrary to Jesus

CrossesI was skimming a book by F.E. Marsh. It was originally published in 1897 (as most of you know, I like old, good, theology books) and was entitled 500 Bible Study Readings. I ran across this one reading that describes people who act “Contrary to Jesus.” I was thinking how this outline can as easily describe people within the broad “visible” church, not just those who deny Him altogether. And even to those of us who can be very close to Him. For example, the stated reference for number 4 below describes the Lord giving a warning to Peter. Therefore, these are warnings to us as well.

(Note that the reference pop-ups are expanded on some to show the context.)

“Contrary to Jesus”
by F.E. Marsh

PAUL acknowledged he was wrong when he acted as Saul, although he thought he was right—1 Tim 1:13. He was acting “contrary to the Name of Jesus” (Acts 26:9). We are always wrong when we act “contrary” to Him.

To go contrary to Him is when we are—

  1. Blinded by prejudice—2 Kings 5:11
  2. Surfeited by worldliness—Luke 21:34
  3. Obsessed by error—1 Tim 1:11
  4. Swayed by Satan—Luke 22:31-34
  5. Inflated with pride—1 Tim 3:6
  6. Dominated by Self—3 John 9
  7. Moved by envy—Acts 13:45

Going back to item number 4, I can draw comfort from the cited reference of Luke 22:31-34. Jesus speaking to Peter details the string of events that will occur:

  • Peter’s temptation
  • Peter’s sin
  • Peter’s return
  • Peter’s forgiveness and acceptance by Jesus

Let us through the power of the Holy Spirit walk in a way that is NOT contrary to Jesus. But when we do fail, we know that our LORD and Savior has forgiven us and has accepted us in the Beloved (Eph 1:6).

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