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Morning and Evening May 29

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Thou hatest wickedness. Psalm 45:7

Goodmorning my friends. Spurgeon starts off this morning’s devotion with a strong note, “Be ye angry, and sin not.” There can hardly be goodness in a man if he be not angry at sin. Though we are Christians, we are also all sinners, we must look at our behavior and sinful nature and cringe at what we see. Do we rejoice in our sinful ways? I think not. My prayer is that we are convicted and repulsed by what we have done; that we get on our knees in prayer to our Father to forgive us of our iniquities.

The GOOD NEWS!!! Jesus hated our sin so much that as Spurgeon writes, He bled to wound it to the heart, He died that it might die; He was buried that He might bury it in His tomb; and He rose that He might for ever trample it beneath His feet. Jesus took it all away and finished it on the Cross. And though we are cleansed with His robes of righteousness, we must not be hypocrites and continue to live a life of a sinner. Jesus loves us as a sinner, but He hates the destruction of every form of wickedness.

Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee.” Psalm 55:22

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