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Morning and Evening: 06/05

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One of the things that has blessed me throughout the years is how Spurgeon can take a familiar doctrine or biblical truth and freshly remind of its significance and wonder. He does it again this morning… by reminding us of our eternal security.
I like the visual created in the story of the Ark and how Noah was “shut in”. This morning we are reminded that in Christ there is perfect safety. I am praising Him as I type this… that “eternal faithfulness has shut them in”! I have a busy day today… but I pray that it will be restful!

Noah was so shut in that no evil could reach him. Floods did but lift him heavenward, and winds did but waft him on his way. Outside of the ark all was ruin, but inside all was rest and peace. Without Christ we perish, but in Christ Jesus there is perfect safety. Noah was so shut in that he could not even desire to come out, and those who are in Christ Jesus are in Him for ever. They shall go no more out for ever, for eternal faithfulness has shut them in, and infernal malice cannot drag them out.

In the evening devotion, Spurgeon gives a clear exhortation from 1 John 4:8. The man is gifted in saying much with few words. I love what he says about the “distinguishing mark of a Christian” in his first sentence.

The distinguishing mark of a Christian is his confidence in the love of Christ, and the yielding of his affections to Christ in return. First, faith sets her seal upon the man by enabling the soul to say with the apostle, “Christ loved me and gave Himself for me.” Then love gives the countersign, and stamps upon the heart gratitude and love to Jesus in return.

Truly, the love of Christ is what compels us to love Him and others. It’s what causes us to do all that we do. I would encourage all of us to meditate on this devotion tonight. May we read it in wonder of the great love in which Christ loved us. May we be freshly amazed by His love and grace… may it cause us to lean and trust in his perfect love that cannot be improved upon.

Zeal for the glory of King Jesus was the seal and mark of all genuine Christians. Because of their dependence upon Christ’s love they dared much, and because of their love to Christ they did much, and it is the same now. The children of God are ruled in their inmost powers by love—the love of Christ constraineth them; they rejoice that divine love is set upon them, they feel it shed abroad in their hearts by the Holy Ghost, which is given unto them, and then by force of gratitude they love the Saviour with a pure heart, fervently.

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