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Christ, Our Life

The following reading, Christ, Our Life,
is from F.E. Marsh’s 500 Bible Readings1.

There are many words and phrases that are peculiar to John; for
instance, the double “verily,” “excepts,” and “true” things. John’s
Gospel is peculiar in itself. Matthew shows us Christ as “King,”
Mark as the “Servant,” Luke as the “Man,” and John as the
“Life.” This may be traced right through John.

Chapter 1 The Source of life (John 1:4).
Chapter 2 The Glory of life (John 2:11).
Chapter 3 The Power of life (John 3:5).
Chapter 4 The Gift of life (John 4:14).
Chapter 5 The Assurance of life (John 5:24
Chapter 6 The Bread of life (John 6:48).
Chapter 7 The Blessings of life (John 7:38).
Chapter 8 The Liberty of life (John 8:36).
Chapter 9 The Testimony of life (John 9:37).
Chapter 10 The Security of life (John 10:28).
Chapter 11 The Energy of life (John 11:43).
Chapter 12 The Union of life (John 12:24).
Chapter 13 The Holiness of life (John 13:13-15).
Chapter 14 The Hope of life (John 14:3
Chapter 15 The Fruitfulness of life (John 15:4).
Chapter 16 The Spirit of life (John 16:13).
Chapter 17 The Abode of life (John 17:24
Chapter 18 The Rejection of life (John 18:40).
Chapter 19 The Humility of life (John 19:17).
Chapter 20 The Peace of life (John 20:19).
Chapter 21 The Instructions of life (John 21:15).

1. 500 Bible Readings, Marsh, F.E., (London: Marshall Brothers,1897). Reading number 72.

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