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Morning and Evening: 6/14

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“Delight thyself also in the Lord.” — Psalm 37:4

Spurgeons exhortation is a good one. I’m glad to think today, after a full Sunday (I was preparing for Monday’s blog, but OOPS, I’m supposed to be doing Sunday, so I’m sorry this is so late!): do I delight in the Lord? I delight in church, I delight in fellowship, I delight in worship. I have joy tonight in my salvation. It is a great thing to ponder! I delight to know that God drew me to Him, that I didn’t choose God. And since He drew me to Him, I also know that He will continue to work on me, changing me as I learn to surrender myself to Him. There is delight in that! I am so blessed and grateful to Him for His grace to me.

And when we can delight in Him, then we can trust him gladly, and surrender to Him our lives, even the high places in our lives. That’s why Psalm 37:4 talks about the Lord putting His desires into our heart when we delight in Him: we are ready to surrender ourselves to Him and seek His will in our lives, not our own, when we delight in Him.

Thank you Lord!

Evening:“O Lord, to us belongeth confusion of face . . . because we have sinned against Thee.” — Daniel 9:8

Admire the grace which saves thee—the mercy which spares thee—the love which pardons thee!

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