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Morning and Evening 06/19

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Reading through this devotion you can imagine Spurgeon sitting at his desk meditating on the person of the Holy Spirit and the consequence of His filling.

Consider all the metaphors he uses in this devotion. “As sacred oil”, He anoints us priests and gives us all the grace we need to fulfill our office. “As purifying water”, He cleanses us from the power of sin and sets us apart to desire and please the Lord. “As the light”, He enlightens us and reveals the glory of the risen Lord. “As the fire”, He calls us to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice unto the Lord. “As heavenly dew”, He nourishes our lives and makes something sweet out of our barren lives. “As a dove”, He comes peacefully and dispels the cares and doubts that spoil our peace. He bears witness with our soul that we are sons and daughters of “Abba Father”. “As the wind”, He brings life, blows where He will and brings new life to those chosen by the Father from the foundations of the world.

R. A. Torrey writing in The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit makes the point that we may be imperfect believers, but if we are true believers in Jesus Christ, truly born again the Holy Spirit lives in us. He writes “it is encouraging to go through 1 Corinthians knowing that the believers in Corinth were very imperfect believers; they were full of imperfections and there was gross sin among them. But nevertheless, Paul told them that they were temples of the Holy Spirit, even when dealing with them concerning gross immoralities (1 Cor. 6:15-19)” That’s reassuring! In spite of our sin, our sin nature and our self righteousness, He lives in us! Further, Jesus said He would never leave or forsake us! In light of all this, what is the only possible response? We fall down and worship Him with reverence and awe!

The Song of Solomon is a beautiful love story and I find the expressions of intimacy like “My beloved is mine, and I am His” when applied to the Lord both reassuring and challenging. Everyone is pursuing happiness and contentment and few find it. The world invites us to pursue the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the boastful pride of life day after day. When we do we find like the Ecclesiastical preacher that “vanity of vanities, all is vanity”. This to me is the shadow over the scene. We don’t doubt our salvation but the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches seek to choke us until we come to our senses and realize how vane it is to chase after them.

Then we hear the still small voice, “come away my beloved”, we turn aside and ask “where is He?” Then through quiet prayer and supplication we find ourselves in His arms experiencing all the love and mercy that heaven can bestow and the things of earth grow dim in the light of His Glory and Grace. We are refreshed and peace, happiness and contentment are ours. “Oh, to eat with Him tonight!”

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