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Morning and Evening 6/21

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Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s today!

What a devotion for us this morning! We read this morning’s devotion and we begin our Lord’s Day with worship. Christ in His perfections, is a “breastplate of glory”, as Spurgeon says. He is like precious stones placed perfectly together. What a sight it is to look upon our Lord. Truly “He is perfectly and altogether lovely”. I encourage you this morning to look upon our Lord and appreciate as many of the precious stones of His perfection as you can, and praise Him that “all the colors blend into one resplendent rainbow”!

In this evenings devotion we are reminded that Christ suffered for sin that He might bring us to God. A vicarious sacrifice. Christ became sin for us. I pray that each of us might take time this morning to thing of the implications of Christ becoming sin for us. If we meditate this evening upon our Substitute, we will find ourselves worshipping Him with every ounce of our strength in these evening hours.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day! Pastor Kevin

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