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Morning and Evening 06/29

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Death will be swallowed up in victory! As a physician I am acquainted with death. I’ve experienced it’s impact on the very young, the very old and the ages in between. Being at the bedside of many a dying patient, there is always that moment when the individual breathes their last breath. God gives and takes away the breath of life. At the moment of death you know something profound just took place. Where before there was animation, now there is absolute stillness. The soul departed!

For the unbeliever and their family the sense of loss is intense. Nothing man can do will get that soul back. For all eternity that soul is separated from God. For the Christian, though the loss is evident, there is a sense of peace knowing that “absent from the body, they are instantly present with the Lord”. “The shriveled seed, so devoid of form and beauty, rises from the dust a glorious flower”. “Blessed is death, since through the divine power it removes our working clothes and dresses us with the wedding garment of incorruption. Blessed are those who sleep in Jesus.”

Can you relate to Spurgeon? What if the grace of God were removed? I am so thankful for what Pastor Kevin said in one of his sermons, “all of our sins are like a drop in the ocean of God’s grace”. Without dwelling on our sin, I think it’s important from time to time to consider who we would be without God’s grace. Spurgeon suggests: “There is enough sin in our hearts to make us the worst transgressors; we would be as lukewarm as the Laodiceans; we would fall into false doctrine; and succumb to the vilest of passions.”

Thank God for His amazing grace; that He would send His Holy Spirit to tabernacle (settle down in our souls) in spite of our sin nature, sins and self righteousness is incredible to me! “Take not your Holy Spirit from us!” “Keep us Lord!” We can do nothing apart from you and everything with you!

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