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Morning and Evening July 3rd

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The exhortation this morning is to feast upon and with the Lord. With fervency and enthusiasm, pray, worship, serve, and live. I encourage you this morning to pray with your whole heart, joyfully spending time with the Lord. May we all worship the Lord today with hearts overflowing with joyful praise. God help us to serve Him as we go about our day and find joy in being faithful to all that the Lord has called us to today. So we approach this day praying, “O Lord, keep far from me the curse of leanness of soul.”

Do you find yourself in a place of suffering today? Praise the Lord that we look ahead to reigning with Christ in the joyful presence of God for all eternity. No wonder God tells us that the present sufferings are a “light affliction” in comparison to the glories that lie ahead. We are encouraged through this evenings devotion to find ourselves happy in this present hour regardless of our circumstances. Look ahead to eternity with Christ and find joy in the future glory of eternity with Christ.

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