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Morning and Evening July 10th

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“Fellow Citizens with the saints” Ephesians 2:19

We are blessed with the implications listed this morning of our citizenship in heaven.

  • We are already sons of God
  • We are already princes in God’s royal family
  • We are already clothed with Christ’s robes of righteousness
  • We already have angels ministering to us
  • We already have saints for our companions
  • We are found in Christ
  • We have a perfect heavenly Father
  • We have a crown of immortality
  • We have all of the honors as citizens of heaven

Spurgeon asks, “Do they there rejoice over sinners that repent–prodigals that have returned?” Already, we share the same thoughts here on earth as we rejoice when sinners come to repentance…joining those in heaven as we praise God for going after the sheep that went astray. Over the past few days our college ministry studied the Prodigal Son on their beach retreat. It is a great joy to see the heart of our Father running towards us as we come to repentance. And as citizens in heaven, we rejoice now, performing the some acts as countless in heaven.

Praise God for our position as citizens of heaven!

This evenings devotion goes right along with the morning devotion.

“Can I be a child of God while there is so much darkness in me?”
“Yes!” is the answer. We are positionally in a place, through faith in Christ, of having the very righteousness of Christ. Our sins are forgiven…and we hold a place, by God’s grace, as children of God. Although we sin, Christ has made us forgiven and we rest in His holiness.

We are children of God, citizens of heaven, children of light…ALL BY GOD’S GRACE!

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