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Morning and Evening 07/12

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The Trinity! What a glorious, incomprehensible, complex and wonderful reality. God the Father loving us; God the Son atoning for our sins; God the Holy Spirit living in us to fulfill the will of the Father and the Son, to sanctify and cleanse us by the washing of His Word. “In works of grace none of the persons of the Trinity act separately from the rest”. It is His work both to will and to do according to His pleasure. As His workmanship, out of the abundance of His love, grace and mercy we are compelled to walk in His ways; value the blood of Jesus Christ; and surrender to the leading by the Spirit who brings alive the living Word to guide us in all truth.

Spurgeon says “this day let us live in such a way as to manifest the work of the Triune God in us”. How? By presenting ourselves as living sacrifices; not my will but thine; trusting in His promises and practicing His presence every moment of the day. No, I’m not there yet but I press on for I know in whom I believed and I am confident that He who began a good work in me will continue it until the day of Christ Jesus. I trust Him to do the same in all of our lives.

When at last we leave this world and enter His heavenly kingdom we will enter into our eternal home where we will serve the Lord, free from the cares of this world. “Victory realized”. Satan under our feet and finding ourselves more than conquerors through Him who loves us; no more pain; no more suffering; no more tears. Secure in the full assurance of our faith. Wow, what a day that will be!

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