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Morning & Evening: 7/17

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I like the corollary aspects of this Morning’s and Evening’s Readings. Spurgeon calls us to consider our election by God, our belief in God, and our sanctification by the power of God. All the glory goes to God (as it should), because He is the initiator and power behind our salvation.

In one of Spurgeon’s sermons, he spoke the following that is related to today’s readings:

Examine yourselves, dear friends, then, by this. I do not ask you whether your hearts are perfect-they are not; I do not ask you whether your hearts never go astray, for they are prone to wander; but I do ask you: Is your heart resting upon Jesus Christ? Is it a believing heart? Does your heart meditate upon divine things? Does it find its best solace there? Is your heart a humble heart? Are you constrained to ascribe all to sovereign grace? Is your heart a holy heart? Do you desire holiness? Do you find your pleasure in it? Is your heart bold for God? Does your heart ascribe praises to God? Is it a grateful heart? and is it a heart that is wholly fixed upon God, desiring never to go astray? If it be, then you have marks of election. (Sermon 638, July 9, 1865)

The question Spurgeon asked 144 years ago are still valid questions today. Let’s give the LORD thanks for His election of us, for the gift of faith to believe in Him and for the power of the Holy Spirit to walk day-by-day in His power.

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