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Morning and Evening 7/24

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Morning: “Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.” — Exodus 14:13

In this era of high speed life we sometimes seem to think “it must have been much easier in the past. The people of forgotten generations must have not had to deal with the everyday trials that we 21st century Christians have to face”. But we can see that this is not the case. Spurgeon clearly calls out that the enemy has in time past and always is constantly trying to pull us away from intimate communion with Christ using things as Despair and Cowardice. When we are stressed at work and cannot get finances off our minds, we must look upward to Christ. When we feel that things are not going our way it is God who we must hand it over to. When we are faced with trials that test our faith we are to pray for the Holy Spirit for divine wisdom and strength. He will never steer us in the wrong direction and if we take the time to listen and stand still we will see His perfect providence each of our lives. It is in the quite times that we come near to God.

Friends, do not let the busyness of our days get in the way of our time with Christ. Stand still is His command for it is there we listen to His guidance, we can ponder His wonderful creation, think upon His perfect sacrifice and can gather our daily strength to go forward as children of light.

Evening: “His camp is very great.” — Joel 2:11

Complete and perfect providence is what first came to my mind.

“Space is His camping ground, light is His banner, and flame is His sword.”

Every star that shines is in His control and every wave that crashes upon the shore is within His plan. He is the overseer of all and His power is endless and incomparable to anything else on this earth. We are so blessed to know that we serve a God who is in control of everything at all times.

I think of what Os Hillman wrote when speaking about Gideon and how his army originally consisted of 10,000 men but was dwindled away to 300 against the enemies 100,000. “He would not allow Gideon to fight with this many soldiers, because the temptation would still remain to believe that it was the strength of his army that won the victory. God told Gideon to pare down his army to a mere 300. This would ensure that God would receive total credit for the victory. This is a law in the Kingdom of God. All glory must go to Him.”

It is a frightful thing to not be on the Lord’s side and to not be a solider of grace and truth. We children of God can be confident that His is the larger and greater camp and He will and always has been victorious.

“for to war against Him is madness, and to serve Him is glory.”

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